Simone Gore

PHOTO: Simone Gore
Assistant Grower, Outdoor Floriculture
(847) 835-6863

Simone Gore is an assistant grower for outdoor floriculture in the Plant Production department. Her job includes producing high-quality plants for the Garden's seasonal displays, working with many of the annuals and tender perennials that are used in the annual displays, and caring for most of the vegetables that are planted at the Regenstein Fruit & Vegetable Garden.

Gore has been with the Garden as a seasonal assistant grower for the Plant Production department since 2012. She became a full-time assistant grower in 2014. Previously, she worked for Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, Fiore Nursery and Supply Company, Midwest Groundcovers, the Atrium Garden Center, and Harms Farm and Garden Center. Gore's love for horticulture began when she grew up in northern Illinois and helped her parents tend their annual vegetable garden. Also, growing up near the Chain O'Lakes, she visited local nature preserves and grew to love the outdoors.