Online Group Classes

Looking for an opportunity to bring friends or work colleagues together for a fun and relaxing learning experience? Book a private online class for your group with an expert instructor from the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Fill out the Online Group Class Inquiry Form to submit your inquiry, and we will connect with you to arrange a date and time for your program. Please contact us at least four weeks prior to your desired program date.  

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60-minute class: $600
90-minute class: $750
Payment due when date finalized


Up to 100 participants

Program Offerings

Small-space Gardening (90 minutes)
Julia Zoltowsky, horticulturist, Chicago Botanic Garden

Learn how to make the most out of your small space. A small garden plot, outdoor deck space, or an indoor windowsill can all be maximized, so you have a successful garden. Microclimates, soils, and season extension will also be discussed.  

Meet the Rare Books (60 minutes)
Stacy Stoltz, rare book specialist, Chicago Botanic Garden

The Lenhardt Library Rare Book Collection contains unique books and journals spanning five centuries of botanic research, art, and design. Learn about these beautiful primary sources and hear stories from around the globe, from fungus to herbs to wine.

Nature Meditation (60 minutes)
Steve Nakon, Whole Journey

Experience deep relaxation and boundless energy by connecting your mind, body, and breath with your personal nature. Stress will melt away, and you will feel refreshed and invigorated. Meditation can be done seated or lying down.

Nature Photography Basics (60 minutes)
Jack Carlson, certified professional photographer

Explore the basics of capturing images outside, regardless of camera type. You will learn about the best ways to use natural light and shadows, as well as tips for arranging the composition of your photographs.