Education Course Proposal

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To become an instructor for the Regenstein School, you should have a degree or equivalent experience in the subject matter you want to teach and have some teaching or training experience in that subject matter.

To be considered for a position, we will need to have your formal proposal for a specific course that you are qualified to teach. Please fill out the course proposal form below. We review course proposals quarterly, and if we can use your services, you will hear from us.

If your course is selected for consideration, you may be asked to submit a detailed syllabus and portfolio (where applicable), and meet with a program manager. A syllabus is a week-by-week list of activities that will take place as part of the course instruction. It should cover discussions, readings, topics, exercises, or whatever activities your course dictates. You must distribute the syllabus and objectives to students at the first class session.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions about your application, please contact us at Click here to show mail address.

Course objectives

After taking this course, what should a student should be able to do? Use action verbs and make sure the objectives are measurable — how will you know if the student has successfully met your objective? Please list 3 – 10 objectives.

Marketing information

What is better, different, or unique about your course in comparison to similar courses offered elsewhere? What groups, clubs, organizations, associations, institutions, and/or types of businesses would be good targets for marketing your course? Do you have affiliations with any of them?