Curators are responsible for the acquisition, development, use, research, and interpretation of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s internationally renowned collection of permanent plants that establish the standard for excellence. This carefully procured range of plant types is brought in to support the Garden’s mission: “to cultivate the power of plants to enrich and sustain life”.

Curation at the Garden involves the procurement of plants from other botanical institutions, commercial nurseries and partners, plant breeding programs, and plant collecting expeditions. These plants are accessioned into the Garden’s permanent plant collection and placed on display accordingly. Maintaining their health and display quality are achieved through collaboration with the horticulture and plant health care staff.

Additionally, the Curators also act as ambassadors to internal departments, such as Interpretation, Education, and Visitor Services for information on the collections regarding habitat, nomenclature and taxonomy, and other general uses that may help tie plants to people and their places. Curators also work with external institutions for an exchange in knowledge, interests, and ideas to bring new plants and concepts into the Garden for a unique visitor experience.