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Dancin' Sprouts

Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans

Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans

Wednesday, August 2
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans concerts are a party start to finish. Come prepared to experience the music and the fun with this veteran performer and early childhood music teacher and her seasoned rock band for an evening of singing, dancing, and most of all fun with your kids you won't soon forget. Jeanie B! has been called "velcro for kids." Time Out Chicago magazine calls Jeanie B! "one of the best things to happen to kids in Chicago in the past decade," and "one of the most influential kids’ musicians."

Satisfied customer review: "Thank you again for a fabulous concert! You have truly achieved perfection with your music-and-fun-making interactive show. The kids were dancing, singing, and having an absolute blast the entire time. Simply amazing."