Plant Information

Plant Information

Black Hills Spruce

Picea glauca ‘Densata’

Planting Site:
N/R +35 yrs

This tree is found only the Black Hills region of South Dakota. It grows to 40 feet in height and 15 feet in width. It does not tolerate heat well and shouldn’t be grown south of Zone 6. It is considered to be a better ornamental tree than the straight species, Picea glauca, because it has a denser habit and brighter blue-green needles. It will do best in a sunny location with well-drained soil.

Picea glauca ‘Densata’Picea glauca ‘Densata’


Street: Appropriate for restricted size planting sites; recommended by the City of Chicago Urban Tree Planting List
Park/Residential: Appropriate for landscaped planting sites including public parks, residential property, golf courses, cemeteries, etc.
Legacy: For plantings with an expected life span of more than 60 years; retained 50 percent or more climate suitability in models for the decade 2080
N/R +35 yrs: Not recommended for plantings with an expected life span of more than 35 years