Plant Information

Plant Information

Autumn Gold Ginkgo

Autumn gold ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold')

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Ginkgo is a large-maturing tree that is the last remaining descendant of a once widespread group of plants.  Its popularity in parks and urban environments is justified by its broad pyramidal habit, good fall color, adaptability, and freedom from pests and diseases. Resistant to most insects, air pollution, and restricted root runs, it is an ideal tree for urban landscapes. It prefers climates with hot summers and cool to cold winters. Ginkgo is not tolerant of late-spring frosts, because there are no reserve vegetative buds—they leaf out all at once. When such a frost destroys these buds and leaves, it can take until midsummer before the tree has had enough time to produce new ones. Their fall color is the traditional golden yellow on a broadly spreading small tree that "drops" all at once in fall. 'Autumn Gold' ginkgo is a male (non-seed-bearing) cultivar with a broad, symmetrical form and golden yellow fall color.

Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold'Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold'


Street: Appropriate for restricted size planting sites; recommended by the City of Chicago Urban Tree Planting List
Park/Residential: Appropriate for landscaped planting sites including public parks, residential property, golf courses, cemeteries, etc.
Legacy: For plantings with an expected life span of more than 60 years; retained 50 percent or more climate suitability in models for the decade 2080
N/R +35 yrs: Not recommended for plantings with an expected life span of more than 35 years