American Smoketree

American smoketree (Cotinus obovatus)

Planting Site:

American smoketree (Cotinus obovatus) is a small, deciduous, rounded tree or large, upright shrub typically growing 20–30 feet tall. Smoketree gets its common name from the pink-tinged clouds of flowers it bears in spring. Its deep green leaves turn a variety of colors in the fall (including yellow, red, orange, and reddish purple), and produces some of the best fall color of any of the native American trees and shrubs. Smoketree performs best in full sun but is tolerant of a wide range of conditions. No serious insect or disease problems, but the tree has some susceptibility to leaf spots, rust, and wilt. 


Cotinus obovatusCotinus obovatus


Street: Appropriate for restricted size planting sites; recommended by the City of Chicago Urban Tree Planting List
Park/Residential: Appropriate for landscaped planting sites including public parks, residential property, golf courses, cemeteries, etc.
Legacy: For plantings with an expected life span of more than 60 years; retained 50 percent or more climate suitability in models for the decade 2080
N/R +35 yrs: Not recommended for plantings with an expected life span of more than 35 years