Joy Yu Hoffman

Chinese Harp — Kong Hou

Thursday, June 27
10 – 11 a.m.
McGinley Pavilion

Joy Yu Hoffman was born in China. At the age of four, she began studying piano under her parents. Upon receiving her master’s degree of music from Northwestern University under Elizabeth Cifani and Edward Druzinsky, Joy wanted to create her own style of music on the kong hou, or double strung Chinese harp. In 23 years, Joy has developed her own technique and style on the kong hou. She has released three CDs, numerous compositions, and a double strung harp exercise book. She has taken part in harp conferences, festivals, and workshops with all her own compositions. She performed at the 9th World Harp Conference 2005 in Dublin, Ireland. She not only plays Asian music on the kong hou, but also Celtic music, jazz, and blues as well. The music that Joy plays today are all her own arrangements.


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