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Online Training

The next online training will begin in January 2019.

Master Gardener Program

Our next training sessions will begin in January 2019. If you would like to be notified when information for the next program is available, please click here.

Master Gardener Applicants

Those interested in taking the online course as a Master Gardener should apply through their local University of Illinois Extension Unit Office, following the same initial procedures as face-to-face Master Gardener applicants — filling out an application form, going through the university-required screening procedure, and completing an interview. Applicants must receive approval from their local Unit Director and/or Master Gardener program coordinator (Jill Selinger at the Chicago Botanic Garden) to take the training as a Master Gardener. Master Gardener candidates must serve their volunteer hours to the unit in which they register and are accepted into the class.

Questions on applying to the course may be directed to Master Gardener program coordinator Jill Selinger at