Professional Gardener Certificate Program

Levels 1 and 2

In the Professional Gardener Certificate of Merit Program, students gain the fundamental knowledge and skills required of garden professionals. This training program features hands-on learning leading to a new career or career advancement in the green industry.

Who should participate? Aspiring professional gardeners, landscape technicians, landscape maintenance professionals, and other green industry individuals seeking professional development. There are no prerequisites for this program, and no prior horticulture experience is needed.

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Program Requirements

This certificate represents a competency-based qualification relevant to the region's industry — learn what it takes to meet and exceed standards of horticultural excellence.

After completing Botany 1, all remaining core courses may be taken in any order. If Botany 1 is not listed as a prerequisite, the course may be taken at any time, providing there are no additional prerequisites listed.

Students pursuing the PGL2 Certificate are encouraged to complete their Ornamental Plant Materials Certificate as well. This only requires the addition of 24 hours of elective credit.

For the certificate, a grade of at least 70 percent must be achieved for each core course. All requirements for the certificate must be completed within five years of the start date of our first core course.

You can prove proficiency for up to 20 percent of the coursework by passing proficiency exams for approved courses or providing transcripts indicating grades of at least 70 percent for similar courses. There is no separate enrollment for the program.