Fall Migration
Bird Search

As we say farewell to summer, cooler weather settles in and the great fall migration begins. Large masses of winged wonders travel through the Chicago area right above our heads. Look up. See fascinating creatures flawlessly navigate their journey in the sky as they hike over your hood throughout the season.

Take the Challenge
Meet the feathered friends below, see if you can find them (irl!)

Click the images below to listen, learn and get to know more about each bird.
Download a printable version of our bird search challenge to take along on your next outdoor adventure.

Listen to a swan in the wildSwan

Listen to a scarlet tanger in the wildScarlet tanager

Listen to a ruby-crowned kinglet in the wildRuby-crowned kinglet

Listen to a ruby-throated hummingbird in the wildRuby-throated hummingbird

Listen to a red-tailed hawk in the wildRed-tailed hawk

Listen to a thrush in the wildThrush

Listen to a vireo in the wildVireo

Listen to a eartern bluebird in the wildEastern bluebird

Listen to a towhee in the wildTowhee

Fall Migration