Music on the Esplanade

David Chiriboga Ensemble

Flamenco and Spanish Classical Guitar

Wednesday, August 9
6 – 7:30 p.m.

David Chiriboga (Guitarist), Chicago-based musician of Ecuadorian descent, specializes in Flamenco and Spanish Classical guitar, among other genres. With a deep passion for Spanish culture and music, David has studied extensively with Andalusian Flamenco maestros in various cities throughout southern Spain, particularly in his favorite city of Granada. He also holds a Classical Guitar degree in Music Performance from Northeastern University in Illinois, where he was mentored by Dr. Brian Torosian.

In addition to pursuing his own musical projects, David is currently a guitarist for Ensemble Español Spanish Dance and Guitarra Azul. He has toured extensively throughout the United States with various ensembles and has had the privilege of performing internationally in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Italy, and Cuba.

As an educational content creator, David is committed to his mission of globally helping over 10,000 people from all walks of life learn Spanish guitar. He runs a rapidly growing YouTube channel aimed at breaking down the barriers that prevent beginners from picking up the instrument and dismissing the myth that you need to have natural musical talent to play Spanish Guitar.

This concert will highlight the groups instrumental Spanish Guitar and Flamenco music, and also feature Flamenco dancer Sammi Micklewright from Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Company.


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