Tips on Watering Orchids

Watering Orchids FAQ

Q: How do I water my orchid?

A. In order to determine how often you need to water your orchid, it is important to know what type of medium it is planted in. If it is potted in moss, the pot will need to be watered less often since moss retains moisture—perhaps every two to three weeks. If it is planted in a wood chip medium, the pot will need to be watered more often, as the wood chips dry out relatively quickly. As a general rule, once a week is often good enough, but if the humidity is low where the orchid is located, more frequent watering may be needed. Pick up the pot. If it feels light, it is time to water it. Place the pot in a sink and allow the water to run through the planting medium for a few minutes and allow it to drain, then repeat. It is important to make sure that the orchid drains completely. Do not allow the plant to sit in water. The good news—it is almost impossible to overwater an orchid if it is potted correctly.