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Candied Flowers

If you think you’ve never eaten a flower, think again. The cauliflower we eat is actually a flower, as is the artichoke — which is actually a type of thistle — and clove, which is used as a spice. These flowers-in-disguise are not the only flowers you can eat, though. The petals of many common flowers are safe and tasty to eat, from garden flowers like pansies, roses, marigolds and tulips to the flowers of herb plants such as chives, sage and chamomile. Colorful petals can add an elegant flair to humdrum dishes, whether tossed into a green salad or floating in a bowl of punch.

Choose flowers that you have positively identified as edible — remember, some flowers are poisonous — and use only those which have not been sprayed with chemicals. Flowers that are at their peak, fully open and not yet wilting will taste the best.

Candied Flowers

Edible flowers
Superfine sugar
Egg whites, room temperature

Brush petals with an egg white that is slightly beaten with a couple of drops of water. Hold petal with tweezers and sprinkle it with superfine sugar. Place on rack to dry and store in an airtight container.