Growing Lemon Trees

Q. How do I grow a lemon tree indoors?

A. Lemon and other citrus trees are best grown outdoors during the summer months in a location that receives full sun. A lemon tree should be brought indoors during the winter and placed in a cool area free of drafts that receives direct sunlight. Soil should be kept evenly moist; however, be sure that the plant is in a container with good drainage. Fertilizer should be withheld during the winter months. Fertilize the tree with an acid-balanced fertilizer every two weeks beginning in late winter/early spring as the plant begins active growth. Slowly re-acclimate the plant to the outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.

Ponderosa lemon tree (Citrus limon 'Ponderosa'), was one of the Chicago Botanic Garden's most popular display plants at the 2009 Flower & Garden Show held at Navy Pier. It has unusually large fruit and white, fragrant blossoms and can be successfully grown as a houseplant.