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Dancin' Sprouts

The Exceptionals *A concert to accommodate children with sensory differences

The Exceptionals

Wednesday, June 17 and August 5
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Old Town School of Folk Music presents “Grow, Worm, Grow! A Sensory Celebration Concert for All!” Experiencing live music lights up the entire brain and opens communication in ways that words alone cannot. In this interactive concert, Old Town School of Folk Music faculty create a multisensory experience carefully designed to calm, delight, and support children with sensitivities and special needs. Centered on the theme of growth and performed by teaching artists experienced and trained in the field of special education, the concert creates a safe, celebratory space for children with diverse abilities and the people who love them. Children are encouraged to engage how they wish, in their own way, when they are ready. Come celebrate your child’s sense of self and growth, and have some musical fun with other children and families!

The Exceptionals invite families to bring along a small blanket for the little ones to wrap up in as we play make-believe with sprouting plants!