Plant or Insect Identification Form

Use the form below for plant identification. If you have general questions or would like a diagnosis of a plant disease or pest, please use those forms to send us more specific information and photos. To contact the Plant Information service during business hours, call the Plant Information Hotline at (847) 835-0972.

Remember: Our diagnosis is only as good as your information.

Please list a minimum of two ways to contact you below.

(A herbaceous plant is a non-woody, soft-stemmed plant annual or perennial.)
(Please describe the location, season and date, if known.)
If possible, please attach up to 3 photos of your specimen. Each file size limit is 2 MB. If you are submitting more than 3 images, please put the images in a folder and zip them, and attach the zipped file. Allowed file types: .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .sit, .tar, .zip Plant samples may be brought to the Plant Information Desk in the Visitor Center during regular business hours. You will receive a copy of your form submission via email. If you are bringing plant samples to the Garden, please bring a copy of your submitted form to the desk with your sample.
File size limit is 2 MB.
File size limit is 2 MB.