The Smart Gardener

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Title Month
Plan Now for a Gorgeous Fall Garden March, 2015 PHOTO: Sedum 'Firecracker'
Vanilla: Sweet—and Savory February, 2015 PHOTO: Vanilla macaroon.
Use Them or Lose Them: The Plants in your Spice Cabinet January, 2015 Cinnamon
O, Tannenbaum: Cone-Shaped Conifers for Your Front Yard December, 2014
Parsing Parsnips November, 2014
Fall's deepest, darkest secret: purple foliage October, 2014
Curating the Aging Garden September, 2014
Picture-Perfect Waterlilies August, 2014
Terrific Trios July, 2014
Underused Shrubs June, 2014
Plant a Pollinator Strip May, 2014 PHOTO: Monarch butterfly on sedum
In Praise of Mini-Daffodils April, 2014
It's March: Sow Your Spaghetti Sauce Now March, 2014 PHOTO: Seedlings in pots.
An Orchid FAQ: How to Repot February, 2014 PHOTO: Bulbocodium Chrissy Compton 'Mary Pizza'
Orchids in Your Living Room? January, 2014 PHOTO: orchid.
Fresh All Winter: Grow Herbs Indoors December, 2013 Click here to read article.
Plant Now, Applause Later November, 2013 Narcissus 'Antique Lace'
Striking Gold October, 2013 Read article.
The Secret to a Successful Garden Next Year? Document It This Year! September, 2013 Journaling is your friend!
Zinnias: The Hardest-Working Flower in the Summer Garden August, 2013 PHOTO: Zinnia
Your Garden Can "Bee" Attractive to Pollinators July, 2013 PHOTO: bee in sunflower
How to Water Wisely this Summer June, 2013 PHOTO: watering can
Top 5 Reasons to GYO (Grow Your Own) Fruit Trees May, 2013 PHOTO: Smyrna quince flower blossoms.
Daffodils: Plan Now, Plant Later April, 2013 PHOTO
Rethink your first salad of the year March, 2013 PHOTO: a spring salad of mizuna and daikon
Which witch hazel should be in your yard? February, 2013 Witch Hazel
Better Than Googling January, 2013 PHOTO: Library files full of seed catalogs from specialty nurseries
Tracks in the Snow December, 2012 PHOTO: Deer mouse. Copyright 2006, Bev Wigney
Good Form: Holiday Crafts from the Garden November, 2012 PHOTO: Lotus pod Wreath
The Big Orange (and White and Blue) October, 2012 Pumpkins
Native Asters Shine in the Garden September, 2012 aster-symphyotrichum-novae-angliae
Comeback Kids July, 2012 Monarda Prairie Gypsy Beebalm
The Language of Weeds June, 2012 PHOTO: violets taking over your lawn
A Tomato of a Different Color May, 2012 PHOTO: heirloom tomatoes
Fritillaria April, 2012 Fritillaria
Getting Started with Starting Seeds February, 2012 PHOTO: Educator programs give teachers knowledge to share with their classes
Smart Learning January, 2012 Smart Learning
Keep evergreens ever safe and happy December, 2011 Macedonia pine (pinus peuce)
Bring your garden to the celebration! November, 2011 Berry Wreath
The Color Red October, 2011 Red Leaves Maple
Toad Lilies September, 2011 Tricyrtis formosana
Handling the Harvest August, 2011 Different Heirloom Tomatoes
Phlox Cultivars July, 2011 Eva Cullum phlox
Peppers June, 2011 Sangria hot pepper
Viburnums May, 2011 Korean spice viburnum
Early Spring Bulbs April, 2011 Winter Aconite
Early Spring Crops March, 2011 Peas
Irresistible Houseplants February, 2011 houseplant_3
Holiday Plants...That Keep on Giving January, 2011 Kalanchoe-blossfeldiana
Tempting Topiaries December, 2010 Topiary
Redbor Kale November, 2010 Brassica oleraceae ‘Redbor’
Anemones, Fall-blooming September, 2010 PHOTO: Fall anemone 'Honorine Jobert
Hydrangeas August, 2010 Hydrangea paniculata burgundy lace
Terrific Tomatoes July, 2010 Tomatoes