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What's in Bloom

September 1, 2015

Late summer is a time of abundance and prime time for native plants. You will delight in the swaying grasses and colorful wildflowers in the Prairie, including big bluestem, prairie cord grass, saw-tooth sunflowers, goldenrods, black-eyed Susans and gaura. In garden areas, shrubs in bloom include roses, panicle hydrangeas, oakleaf hydrangeas, summersweet, butterfly bush, rose-of-Sharon, bluebeard and chaste tree. Popular perennials to look for include Russian sage, Japanese anemones, waterlilies, sedums, Joe Pye weed, obedient plant and turtlehead. Less common flowers in bloom include autumn squill and yellow waxbells in several gardens, GREAT STAR™ panicle hydrangea outside the east wall of the English Walled Garden and “white lettuce” in the woods. If it's annual displays you want to enjoy, prime spots are the Circle Garden, English Oak Meadow, Enabling Garden and the raised beds of the Sensory Garden. Enjoy a colorful summer walk at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

What's in bloom—biweekly highlights

Download a detailed list of plants in bloom in all Garden areas.