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What's in Bloom

June 17, 2015

Plentiful rains and seasonal temperatures have brought lush green landscapes. Every place you turn, you will find colorful delights. Summer annual displays have been planted in the Esplanade, Circle Garden and the Enabling Garden and they will fill out with gorgeous bright colors—as soon as we get some sunshine! The Rose Garden is in full bloom. Other woody plants that are a prominent part of the landscape now are Japanese and Peking tree lilacs, wisteria, honeysuckle vines and Japanese spireas. Perennials to be found in abundance include the lavender catmints edging garden walks, geraniums, meadow sage and giant fleeceflower. Look for white wild indigo, purple spiderwort and foxglove beardtongues in the native gardens and along the shores.

There's something for every plant enthusiast to enjoy at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

In Bloom Highlights