What's in Bloom

May 15, 2015

There is nothing so lovely as a day in May at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Beautiful and fragrant lilacs, viburnums, azaleas and tulips are now in full bloom and can be found in almost every garden. Crabapples have peaked and petals are dropping and drifting on the walkways, but buckeyes and hawthorns are beginning their display. Perennials making a splash include Virginia bluebells, bleeding hearts, columbine, Siberian bugloss and camass lilies. Native plants, from the woods and prairie to the shorelines command attention now, with a very colorful patch by the west electric gate featuring golden Alexanders, shooting stars, prairie alumroot, golden groundsel, smooth phlox and prairie smoke. The Fruit and Vegetable Garden has spring vegetables arranged in colorful patterns and mixed with violas and pot marigolds. 

This is the perfect time to experience spring at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

In Bloom Highlights