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What's in Bloom

July 1, 2015

Walk in beauty at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Take a stroll through the prairie, and observe a rolling meadow of native grasses that sway in the wind and wildflowers incuding white glade mallow, penstemons, milkweed, false sunflowers and pale coneflower. The Rose Garden is in full bloom, and the Bulb Garden is a brilliant blend of dahlias, true lilies, begonias and cannas. The Lavin Evaluation Garden features such sun-lovers as lavender, yarrow, meadow sage, speedwell and cinquefoil. The raised beds in the Sensory Garden include dramatic combinations such as purple petunias with chartreuse sedum, and two annuals that smell like chocolate: chocolate cosmos and green-eyes —mmmmm! Other popular perennials you will find in bloom now are daylilies, false goatsbeard, meadow sage and coral bells. Woody plants to look for include hydrangeas, Japanese spireas, false spireas, honeysuckle vines, bush honeysuckles and potentillas.

What's in bloom—biweekly highlights

Download a detailed list of plants in bloom in all Garden areas.