What's in Bloom

May 1, 2015

April showers have brought a rainbow of color to the Garden, with hundreds of thousands of flowering bulbs and annuals spreading out beneath a canopy of pink and white magnolias, magenta redbuds, chartreuse weeping willows and delicate white serviceberries. Narcissus are still blooming and tulips are starting to open. Crabapples are in bud, and should start blooming in about a week if the temperatures warm up. The Japanese Gardens have an ethereal beauty, with great displays of flowering cherries, magnolias and serviceberries, which will transition to crabapples and azaleas in a week or two. The woods have come alive with delicate wildflowers including marsh marigolds, spring cress, dogtooth violets and spring beauty. Other spring favorites to look for include flowering cherries, fragrant viburnum, grape hyacinths, pansies, and Persian buttercups.

This is the perfect time to experience spring at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

In Bloom Highlights