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What's in Bloom

July 15, 2015

Enjoy a summer stroll at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The Rose Garden is in full bloom, and the Bulb Garden is a brilliant blend of dahlias, true lilies, begonias, and cannas. Popular perennials you will find in bloom now are daylilies, hostas, false goatsbeard, catmint, beebalm, and Russian sage. In the Prairie, yellow compass plants tower over many colorful wildflowers including wild bergamot, wild quinine, perennial sunflowers and Culver's root. Hydrangeas are in bloom, including the four major varieties grown here: smooth hydrangeas with globes of white flowers; panicle hydrangeas with upright cone-shaped flower clusters; French hydrangeas, with blue or pink flowers; and the native oakleaf hydrangeas. In gardens and along the shores, look for several species of St. Johnswort, recognized by numerous small yellow flowers with hundreds of stamens in the middle, usually abuzz with tiny bees.

What's in bloom—biweekly highlights

Download a detailed list of plants in bloom in all Garden areas.