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What's in Bloom

August 1, 2015

See what’s hot this summer at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Brilliant displays of annuals will dazzle you in the Esplanade Garden, Circle Garden and Enabling Garden. In the Fruit and Vegetable Garden, see the cool displays of kales, cabbages and zinnias at the entrance beds, the long tassels of amaranth and rows of tomatillos in their papery husks. Evening Island has large swathes of yellow coreopsis, purple coneflower, Joe pye weed and Hidcote St. Johnswort. The Prairie, Skokie River and shorelines are in their glory with lavender beebalm, Joe pye weed, yellow compass plants, false sunflower, white wild quinine and hints of red from cardinal flower and royal catchfly. In other gardens, the most prominent plants in bloom now include brilliant white panicle hydrangeas, roses, daylilies, Russian sage, butterfly bushes and waterlilies.

What's in bloom—biweekly highlights

Download a detailed list of plants in bloom in all Garden areas.