Chicago Botanic Garden

PHOTO: Potting plants at Christopher House.

Our school was unbelievably excited to have the opportunity to visit the Buehler Enabling Garden.


Horticultural Therapy Services

A trained professional in a plant-rich environment can provide an opportunity for healing, stress reduction, physical exercise, and endless learning by providing engagement with elements of the plant world in a planned, individualized and expertly directed manner.

The Chicago Botanic Garden is a world-leader in providing therapeutic horticulture experiences to visitors and also at facilities throughout the Chicago area. This department also provides education regarding the multiple health benefits available in nature to students in Certificate programs, personnel from special education classrooms, healthcare providers and administrators, and landscape professionals.


Working with staff from an agency, facility or club, our therapists design, prepare and lead a 50 minute session with up to 15 participants. Sessions are conducted in the distinguished Buehler Enabling Garden during the growing season (mid-May to mid-October) or at a location provided by the contracting agency.


Staff is experienced in providing professional consultation during the planning phase of a garden installation to assure maximum benefit and accessibility for the users of a specific garden. Our consultants will develop conceptual plans and provide a bridge to working with those who construct the garden.


The following Garden guide offers a wealth of information and practical guidance for those who want to use inclusive gardening to work with people who have disabilities.

Gardening as a Social Enterprise: Including People with Disibilities


The Horticultural Therapy Certificate Program is designed to provide professionals with experience in a compatible therapeutic or educational field with the required background to utilize horticultural therapy techniques with their clients. The program is accredited through Oakton Community College and earns a total of 12 credit hours. Classes are taught on-line with the addition of 2 full-time, week long immersion experiences at the Chicago Botanic Garden.


Our therapists each bring a wealth of experience to share with varying audiences. Talks range from brief to multi-day on such topics as therapeutic garden design, selection of plant material, accessibility issues, use of therapeutic horticulture with specific populations (aging, PTSD, sensory spectrum disorders, stroke recovery and more).

For more information on our programs, call (847) 835-8277 or email .