Science Festival: Ongoing Activities

in Nichols Hall

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  • Bee Foraging Arena: a tool to research bumblebee behavior
  • Magnification Station: look at pollen up close
  • Build Your Own Pollinator: what will your pollinator look like?
  • Pollination in Action: become a bee and learn the pollination process

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  • Tricky Flowers: explore the deceptive nature of flowers
  • Coneflower Investigation: study flowers like our scientists
  • Flower Diversity Loose Parts: dissect a flower to study its structure
  • Flower vs. Flower: which flower is better at moving pollen?

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  • Fruit Pursuit: test your fruit trivia expertise
  • Pectin Party:  what makes jam gel?
  • Exotic Fruit Tasting: try a jackfruit chip and more
  • Larger-than-Life Corn Selfie Station (a pea pod and grapes, too!): take your selfie and share on social media

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  • Seed Dispersal: launch your seed and see how far it goes
  • Seed Dissection: what’s inside a seed?
  • Seed Necklaces: make your own and watch it sprout
  • Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank Video Tour: follow a seed scientist while seed is being cleaned and sorted for the seed vault.

Each area will have sensory activities for toddlers and younger children.