Science Festival: Ongoing Activities

in Nichols Hall


Fauna and Fungi

  • Bee Foraging Arena: a tool to research bumblebee behavior
  • Build a Forest: play the game and create a healthy forest
  • Woodland Terrarium and Animal Investigation: discover what’s growing in the terrarium and become a scientist observing crickets, ants, and more
  • Fungus Up Close: explore fungal (mushroom and mold!) diversity under the microscope



  • Soil Kitchen: which recipe will you make – Drummer, Tanana, Myakka or Chesuncok?
  • Root View: see what’s usually underground and compare different plant roots  
  • Plants for the Senses: look, smell and touch plants then write a word on the tablet to describe it
  • Newpaper Pots: DIY creative re-use – make a small pot and plant a seed to take home 

apple orchard


  • Apple Orchard: fun apple facts for the picking and an apple tasting, too
  • Hydroponics: explore how plants can grow in a water solution
  • Seed Drop: craft a seed and see how it flies
  • Flavors of the World: test your sense of smell IQ

Botanical art studio


  • Fossil Discovery Dig: become a paleobotanist and search for fossils
  • Botanical Art Studio: inspiration awaits to be a botanical artist
  • Ghost Orchid Whodunit: solve the case of the stolen endangered Ghost orchid
  • Franken-Plant Lab: put together plant parts for future survival

Each area will have sensory activities for toddlers and younger children.