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Evelyn Webb Williams

Evelyn Webb Williams
Postdoctoral Research Associate
(847) 242-6443
Curriculum Vitae: 
Teaching and Research Affiliations: 
  • Research Associate – The Field Museum, Chicago, 2011 - present
  • Adjunct Faculty – Lake Forest College, Fall 2013 and 2014
Research Interests: 
  • Phyloecology in a restoration context (with Dan Larkin)
  • Artocarpus (breadfruit and jackfruit) genetics (with Nyree Zerega)
  • Lepidospartum burgessii (broomsage, scalebroom) population genetics and conservation (with Jeremie Fant)
  • Botrychium s.s. (moonwort) fern systematics and population genetics
  • Rare plant ecology, conservation, and restoration

My research interests encompass a range of subjects including restoration ecology and genetics, population structure, rare plant conservation, and species concepts, with natural history a constant interest and hobby.

Selected Publications: 

Williams, E.W. and D. M. Waller. 2012. Phylogenetic placement of species within the genus Botrychium s.s. (Ophioglossaceae) based on plastid sequences, AFLPs, and flow cytometry. International Journal of Plant Sciences 173:5 516-531.

Camill, P., A. Barry, E. Williams, et al. 2009. Climate-vegetation-fire interactions and their impact on long-term carbon dynamics in a boreal peatland landscape in northern Manitoba, Canada. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 114: Art. No. G04017.

Waller, D., S. Johnson, R. Collins, E. Williams. 2009. Threats posed by ungulate herbivory to forest structure and plant diversity in the Upper Great Lakes Region and a review of methods to assess those threats. Prepared for the Upper Great Lakes NPS 'Vital Signs' program.