James F. Steffen

James Steffen
Senior Ecologist
(847) 835-8266
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
  • Exotic invasive plant populations
  • Soil microarthropods
  • Litter-dwelling spiders
  • Sedges in the genus Carex
  • Exotic invasive earthworm populations
  • Moth populations

As a specialist in oak woodland flora and fauna, my goal is to restore Mary Mix McDonald Woods, a 100-acre oak woodland complex, using a number of methods. Through the removal of invasive species, the collection and sowing of seeds from appropriate local native species, the maintenance of nursery populations for seed production, the monitoring of floral and faunal populations and the use of controlled burning, I am striving to increase species diversity and develop a healthier functioning ecosystem.

Moths are an incredible diverse group of invertebrates in all natural systems.  They have many significant functional roles in all natural communities and play an important role in the food web.  Almost all bird species depend on moth caterpillars for feeding their young.  I have been studying the diversity of moths in McDonald Woods and how restoration management has affected their populations.  Since many moths, and in particular, micromoths, have an obligate relationship with either single species or genera of native plants, they are important indicators of ecosystem health.

Utilizing my ornithological background, I maintain bird-nesting structures throughout the Garden, use bird bands to mark selected species of breeding birds at the Garden and oversee a cumulative bird list.

Mites (Acari) and springtails (Collembola) are very important components of the nutrient cycling process within all natural communities. These micro-organisms live in the soil and leaf litter environment and are an under-studied group of extraordinarily diverse life forms. Here we provide two catalogues along with keys to just some of the many mites and springtails families and species found in McDonald Woods, an oak woodland being restored at the Chicago Botanic Garden. We hope that these catalogues will assist other researchers undertaking studies of soil biota and serve as an introduction to this fascinating component of our biodiversity.

Selected Publications: 

Steffen, James (co-author). 2014. Disjunct Lake Michigan Population of Two Atlantic Coast Spiders, Disembolus bairdii and Grammonota pallipes (Araneae: Linyphiidae). The Great Lakes Entomologist 42(1&2):20-24. 

Steffen, James. Activity and Diversity of Collembola (Insecta) and Mites (Acari) in Litter of a Degraded Midwestern Oak Woodland.

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