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Tania Jogesh

Tania Jogesh
Postdoctoral Research Associate
(847) 835-8397
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
  • Chemical ecology
  • Ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions
  • Herbivory
  • Coevolution

Plants and insects comprise the majority of the world’s biodiversity. How has the interaction between plants and insects given rise to the incredible diversity of both groups? My research interests lie in understanding the ecological and evolutionary consequences of plant-insect interactions. Plants interact with the world primarily through the means of chemistry and produce a diverse array of chemical compounds that can serve important ecological functions by protecting the plant from herbivory or attracting pollinators. As a post-doctoral researcher at the Chicago Botanic Garden, I examine the role of floral scent in mediating interactions with hawk moth pollinators and herbivores in the evening primrose family, Onagraceae. In at least two species, floral scent shows substantial geographic variation and we hypothesize that this geographic variation is a consequence of differential herbivore and pollinator selection. I am also interested in how plant-insect coevolution has resulted in in rapid adaptive radiations (speciation) in plants. As a part of my post-doctoral research, I explore the importance of herbivores, pollinators and floral scent in the diversification of Onagraceae.

Selected Publications: 

Jogesh T, Stanley M and Berenbaum M (2014) Evolution of tolerance in an invasive weed after reassociation with its specialist herbivore. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27: 2334–2346

Jogesh T, Wong JCH, Stanley M and Berenbaum M (2014) Impact of reassociation with a coevolved herbivore on oviposition deterrence in a hostplant. Oecologia 176: 117-127  

Jogesh T, Zangerl A, Stanley M and Berenbaum M (2013) Effects of enemy escape on interactions with mutualists: wild parsnip pollination on two continents. Journal of Pollination Ecology 11: 57-67

Zangerl A, Liao LH, Jogesh T and Berenbaum M (2012) Aliphatic esters as targets of esterase activity in the parsnip webworm (Depressaria pastinacella). Journal of Chemical Ecology 38:188-194

Jogesh T, Carpenter D, and Cappuccino N (2008) Herbivory on invasive exotic plants and their non-invasive relatives. Biological Invasions, 1387-3547