Marcello De Vitis, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate
(847) 835-8268
Selected Professional Associations: 

2019 - Member of the IUCN SSC Seed Conservation Specialist Group

2018 - Research Associate, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

2017 - Board member, International Network for Seed-based Restoration

2016 - Member of the Society for Ecological Restoration

Research Interests: 

My overarching research goal is to expand the knowledge on plant biology and ecology to inform, support and direct ex situ conservation, species reintroduction and habitat restoration activities.

My research interest focuses on two main areas of native seed science: the first, mainly experimental, concerns the investigation of germination requirements of native species aimed at the development of laboratory and field protocols for seed conservation, sowing and multiplication, with a special focus on vulnerable and endangered species and habitats; the second, mainly desk-based, concerns the development and improvement of native seed production protocols, and certification and policy schemes.

Beyond producing novel data through scientific research, I have an interest in fostering local and international networks of researchers and practitioners involved in seed-based restoration, and promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration at all scales in order to improve the success of restoration activities.

Selected Publications: 

De Vitis M., Mondoni A., Pritchard H.W., Laverack G., Bonomi C. (2018) Native Seed Ecology, Production & Policy – Advancing Knowledge and Technology in Europe. MUSE, Museo delle Scienze di Trento, Italy.

Magrini S., De Vitis M., Torelli D., Santi L., Zucconi L. (2018) Seed banking of terrestrial orchids: evaluation of seed quality in Anacamptis following 4-year dry storage. Plant Biology,

De Vitis M., Mattioni C., Mattana E., Pritchard H.W., Seal C.E., Ulian T., Cherubini M., Magrini S. (2018) Integration of genetic and seed fitness data to the conservation of isolated subpopulations of the Mediterranean plant Malcolmia littorea. Plant Biology, 20(S1): 203-213.

Abbandonato H., Pedrini S., Pritchard H.W., De Vitis M., Bonomi C. (2017) Native seed trade of herbaceous species for restoration: a European policy perspective with global implications. Restoration Ecology, open access early view available at

De Vitis M., Abbandonato H., Dixon W.K., Laverack G., Bonomi C., Pedrini S. (2017) The European native seed industry – characterisation and perspectives in grassland restoration. Sustainability 9(10): 1682; open access available at

Ladouceur E., Jiménez-Alfaro B., Marin M., De Vitis M., Abbandonato H., Iannetta P.P.M., Bonomi C., Pritchard H.W. (2017) Native seed supply and the restoration species pool. Conservation Letters; open access available at

Magrini S., De Vitis M. (2017) In vitro reproduction of three Limodorum species (Orchidaceae): impacts of scarification methods and nitrogen sources on mature seed germination and seedling development. Plant Biosystems – An International Journal Dealing With All Aspects Of Plant Biology 151(3): 419-428.

De Vitis M., Seal C.E., Ulian T., Pritchard H.W., Magrini S., Fabrini G., Mattana E. (2014) Rapid adaptation of seed germination requirements of the threatened Mediterranean species Malcolmia littorea (Brassicaceae) and implications for its reintroduction. South African Journal of Botany 94: 46-50.