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Joanne Crawford, Ph.D.

Manager, Conservation Land Management Training Programs
(847) 835-8268
Teaching and Research Affiliations: 

Research Associate, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Selected Professional Associations: 

The Wildlife Society, Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Prior to joining the Garden, my research as a wildlife ecologist focused on the spatial ecology of wildlife in human-dominated landscapes of the Midwest. In particular, I’ve used a variety of data types (genetic, animal movement, survival data) to understand how landscape composition and configuration influences animal behavior, and ultimately, mammalian conservation.

As the Manager of the CLM Training Program at the Chicago Botanic Garden, I have the honor of being able to provide training opportunities to students and early career professionals interested in a wide variety of botany and plant conservation careers.  In doing so, my “research” has shifted away from cute furry animals and towards ways to make the conservation profession a more diverse, equitable, and welcoming environment for people from traditionally excluded groups.

Collaboration is key to achieving our goals! We work with several area institutions to combine our knowledge, build our networks, and maximize the training and professional development opportunities that we can provide to students in the Chicagoland area and beyond. Interested in collaborating? Contact me!

What’s the best part of your job?

I get to hire people! The CLM Program provides training opportunities for dozens of early career botanists and ecologists each year. Often the CLM Internship is a person’s first experience with a Federal or State agency.  I love making that phone call or sending that email informing someone that they’ve been selected for internship. It is exciting to know that this is just the beginning for that person.

Selected Publications: 

Hillard, E.M., A.C. Edmund, J.C. Crawford, C.K. Nielsen, E.M. Schauber, J.W. Groninger. 2018. Winter snow cover increases swamp rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus) mortality rate at the northern extent of their range. Mammalian Biology 93:93-96.

Crawford, J.C., A. Dechen Quinn, D. Williams, B. Rudolph, K. Scribner, and W.F. Porter. 2018. Fine-scale spatial genetic structure of deer in a suburban landscape. Journal of Wildlife Management 82:596-607.

Crawford, J.C., E.M. Schauber, and C.K. Nielsen. 2018. Differential survival and habitat use of sympatric lagomorphs in bottomland hardwood forests. Canadian Journal of Zoology 96:713- 722.

Whitman, B. W. F. Porter, A. Dechen Quinn, D. Williams, J. Frair, H. B. Underwood, and J.C. Crawford. 2018. Movement behavior preceding autumn mortality for white-tailed deer in central New York. Journal of Mammalogy 99:675-683.

Crawford, J.C., R.D. Bluett, and E.M. Schauber. 2015. Conspecific aggression by American beavers (Castor canadensis) in central Illinois: correlates with habitat, age, sex and season. American Midland Naturalist 173:145-155.

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