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James R. Ault, Ph.D.

James R. Ault
Director of Ornamental Plant Research
(847) 835-8244
Curriculum Vitae: 
Teaching and Research Affiliations: 

Northwestern University, Program in Biology

Selected Professional Associations: 
Research Interests: 
  • Ornamental plant development through traditional plant breeding
  • Tissue culture propagation
  • Conventional plant propagation
  • Ornamental plant evaluation and introduction
  • Plant exploration for germplasm acquisition

My main research is the development through conventional plant breeding practices of herbaceous perennial plants for garden cultivation in climates similar to the midwestern United States. Currently most of the priority genera in the breeding program are taxa indigenous to North America. We have a wealth of naturally occurring plant taxa that are still largely unexplored as subjects for garden cultivation. I peruse the ecological and systematic literature for genera that produce interspecific hybrids in situ and attempt to reproduce these hybrids under controlled conditions. Advanced generation breeding and selection can produce unique genotypes with novel ornamental attributes of flower color and fragrance, plant habit, better cold and heat tolerance, and improved adaptability to the stressors encountered in urban landscapes such as compacted and alkaline soils. The major taxa under current study include asters (Symphyotrichum), false indigos (Baptisia), phlox (Phlox), and speedwells (Veronica). Individual plants are selected, clonally propagated for evaluation, and if field evaluations prove successful, introduced through the Chicagoland Grows® Plant Introduction Program.

I am also interested in plant tissue culture techniques such as clonal propagation of individual genotypes and embryo/ovule culture of wide-hybrid crosses. Conventional plant propagation studies (rooting cuttings and seed germination) also support the breeding program.

Selected Publications: 

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