News Video of the Chicago Botanic Garden

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Jean M. Franczyk interview on Chicago Tonight

Jean M. Franczyk, the Garden's president and CEO, spoke with Phil Ponce of WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" to discuss plans for the future.

A Tropical Escape from the Cold

Harriet Resnick joined ABC 7 Chicago to talk about everything the Chicago Botanic Garden offers throughout the year, including The Orchid Show, opening February 14. Visit The Orchid Show for more information.

Eliza Fournier visits with tips on planting fall crops for spring, including garlic!

Vince joins Nancy Clifton in preparation for Heirloom Tomato Weekend with a quick how-to on canning and preserving your tomato harvest.

Crew leader Natasha Coleman and team gardener A.J. Jones talk about working in the Windy City Harvest Youth Farm, and what the program does for them in their hearts and lives.

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With a brand new look, the Garden View Café reopened this spring with a fresh new menu. Hundreds of different varieties of plants, herbs and vegetables are now being harvested from the Fruit and Vegetable Garden, and then shuttled over to the kitchen.

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Nancy Clifton visits Botanic Backyard with hardy picks for colorful summer plants.

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Now that spring-like weather is actually here, what should you do with your tulips, perennials and other flowers?Eliza Fournier joins Chicago Tonight to offer spring gardening pointers.

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Cindy Baker visits Botanic Backyard with tips on spring lawn care.