Plant Profiles

Plants are as diverse as people. Some are polite, attractive guests you invite into your domain; others are nosy pests who creep in uninvited and take root. Whether you want plants that attract butterflies in your garden, wish you knew how to grow fruit trees, hope to discover the best winter-interest perennials — or just want those invasive plant pests gone from your life — the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Plant Information Service has the information you need. This alphabetically organized listing profiles plants from small indoor varieties to outdoor bulbs, shrubs and trees. We can help you cultivate lovely orchids or eliminate the tenacious buckthorn.

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Hardy Geraniums Geranium Geranium
Hellebores Helleborus Hellebores
Herbal History Herb garden
Hibiscus Hibiscus  Hibiscus
Himalayan Foxtail Lily Eremurus himalaicus Himalayan Foxtail Lily
Holly, Deciduous Ilex verticillata Winterberry
Hops Humulus lupulus Hops
Hosta Hosta spp. Hosta
Hydrangeas Hydrangea spp. Hydrangeas