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Caring for Container Plants

Q. What is the best way to take care of plants growing in containers?

A. Plants growing in containers require a little more work than plants growing in garden beds. The amount of care that will need to be given to them depends on the type of plant, the location of the container, and the type and size of container. Many container plants, especially those located in full sun, will require more water than other plants because they tend to dry out quicker due to the smaller amount of soil. Some containers, such as terra cotta, will quickly wick water out of the soil and are best used for plants that do not require full sun and that can be situated in part shade to shade locations. Glazed ceramic containers may be better suited for plants that require full sun.

Plants grown in containers will require more fertilization than bedding plants. Every time a container plant is watered, nutrients in the soil are leeched out. Therefore, depending on the type of plant grown, regular fertilization will most likely be required in order to prevent nutrient deficiencies, to produce optimum bloom, and to maintain plant health.