Povl Balslev


Tuesday, July 18
10 – 11 a.m.
McGinley Pavilion/Evening Island 

Povl Chr. Balslev, was born in 1968 in on the Island Fyn in Denmark. Balslev completed organ studies in Amsterdam by Professor Hans van Nieuwkoop and received a diploma in church music, organ and composition from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Several master classes by Harald Vogel, David Sanger, Anders Bondeman, H.O. Ericsson, William Porter, Jon Laukvik, and Lars Ulrik Mortensen a.o. Carilloneur-Diploma from the Nordic School of Carillon in Løgumkloster. Concerts in the Nordic countries and in several European countries as well as in Japan, Argentina, Canada and USA. Balslev is a composer of several pieces of church music, organ pieces, choir, carillon-music, chamber music and music for theater, opera, film and computer-plays.

Since 2002, Balslev has worked as a music director, cantor, carilloneur in Our Lady ́s church in Svendborg, Denmark. Author of a book about the Danish composers Th. Aagaard and Oluf Ring, Balslev focuses on their relation to the composer Carl Nielsen and several articles about music.


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