Kitchen Gardens, or do you say "potager"?

PHOTO: in the kitchen garden

The word "potager" comes from the Middle English word pottage, circa 1175–1225, that means something in or from a pot; potage is from the Old French, meaning thick, meatless, vegetable soup. Historically, the term carried with it the ideal of a self-sustaining, isolated garden, such as the medieval herb, medicinal, or monastic garden. Today "potager" means kitchen garden.

Kitchen gardens are undergoing a rebirth, "le renaissance du le potager jardin," due to rising costs of food, concern with food safety, and food sourcing. Other advantages of having your own kitchen garden include being able to grow vegetables year-round and the reward of self-sufficiency.

 To learn more about kitchen gardening, check out these resources at the Lenhardt Library.

Book cover

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Gardens Across America
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Designing the New Kitchen Garden: An American Potager Handbook
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The Family Kitchen Garden: How to Plant, Grow, and Cook Together
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The Kitchen Garden, Month by Month
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The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook
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"How to Plan Your Perfect Kitchen Garden" by Alys Fowler
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Article offers tips on planning a vegetable garden.

"Kitchen Gardens" by Arne Maynard
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Article offers information on the significance of organizing space and crop rotation for a kitchen garden.

"Proper Potager" by Martin Stern
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Article focuses on a kitchen garden that combines the pleasure of food and aesthetics.


Websites for more information

Kitchen Gardeners International
Nonprofit global network celebrating homegrown foods and promoting their role in a sustainable and secure food system.

Watch Your Garden Grow
Guide to growing, storing, and preparing vegetables, from the University of Illinois Extension.