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The Latest Buzz on Bees October 2013 Bees as pollinators
Bees are essential to our daily lives. If you eat fruits, vegetables, or nuts during the day, there's a good chance your food has been helped along by a bee. By pollinating... Read more
PHOTO: in the kitchen garden
Pump Up the Jam: Preserving the Harvest Canning and preserving fruits and vegetables are economical ways to ensure you have vitamin-rich, tasty foods throughout the seasons. Not only will you know where your homegrown fruit and veggies... Read more
Butterfly Gardening on the Rise Know Your ButterfliesButterflies are truly one of the most amazing insects on the planet. They go through four stages of transformation, otherwise known as metamorphosis: egg, caterpillar (larva),... Read more PHOTO: butterfly gardening
Vertical Gardens Teach Us to Grow Up, Especially when the Stakes are High What is Vertical Gardening? Vertical gardening is both innovative and highly productive. Its growing system utilizes bottom-up and top-down supports for a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and... Read more Vertical Gardens Teach Us to Grow Up,	Especially when the Stakes are High
Saving Heirloom Seeds, a Great Return on Investment If you've ever gotten seeds from your grandparents or your neighbor's aunt twice removed, and were told they were from the sweetest tomatoes they'd ever eaten or the most beautiful columbine they'd... Read more PHOTO: heirloom tomatoes
Urban Farming: Cropping Up More and More Whether you'd like to grow your own vegetables, curb your carbon footprint, or get involved in a community garden and bring about socio-economic change, urban farming may be for you.Urban farming is... Read more PHOTO: urban farming
Locavore: Eating Local Is Not Far-fetched Everywhere you turn you hear the expression "Think globally, eat locally."What does that really mean? Daydream about deliciously exotic foods and then eat the lonely turnip you managed to grow and... Read more PHOTO: getting local produce from a market stand
When Considering a Green Roof, the Sky's the Limit Green roofs, otherwise known as living roofs, eco-roofs, or planted roofs, are buildings covered by a roof that holds planting beds of multiple layers, beginning with waterproofing material, then... Read more PHOTO: green roof plants
Rain Gardens: Beautiful, Beneficial, or Both? One may think a rain garden might only thrive in places like London or Seattle, where the average rain falls are 24 inches and 38 inches respectively. In actuality, Chicago gets more rain annually (... Read more PHOTO: in the kitchen garden
Kitchen Gardens, or do you say "potager"? The word "potager" comes from the Middle English word pottage, circa 1175–1225, that means something in or from a pot; potage is from the Old French, meaning thick, meatless, vegetable soup.... Read more PHOTO: in the kitchen garden
Is the meaning of xeriscaping escaping you? Xerogardening? Still nothing? Try drought-resistant gardening, dry gardening, or just plain old gardening with less water. As our climate continues to change and expanding populations strain water supplies around the globe,... Read more PHOTO: xeriscaping
Petscaping: Gardening with Furry Friends in Mind Gardening is always fun, but think about how much more fun it can be when you add your pets into the mix; especially since they probably spend as much time in the garden as you do, if not more.Read... Read more PHOTO: Dog in the garden