Internship Application

Required Application Materials Checklist

  1. Employment Application and Federal Affirmative Action Questionnaire (Fill out forms first, then attach PDF files to the internship application below.)
  2. Internship application form (Below)
  3. Current resumé, which includes your educational and work experiences with dates

Do not use this form to apply for CLM, REU, or Veteran Internship Program (VIP) internships. To apply for a CLM Internship, click here. To apply for a REU internship, click here. To apply for  VIP internships, click here.

Response to Applicants and Selection
Applications are reviewed by Garden staff after all four components are received. Internship positions are filled throughout the year, and applications are considered to be "active" for up to six months from receipt date. You may be contacted at any time to schedule a telephone interview to supplement your written application materials. Most intern positions will be filled by April 15.

Please note that applications will not be reviewed until all required application materials, as defined above, have been received.

Internship Application

Desired Position

What type of Internship you are interested in? Enter up to three choices in order of interest below.

Applicant Contact Information

List the names of three people unrelated to you, whom you have known for at least one year.

Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3

I affirm that my answers to the previous questions are complete and true and that I have not knowingly withheld any fact or circumstance that would, if disclosed, affect my application unfavorably. I understand that supplying false information is considered cause for discharge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application.*

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