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Brennan Zwieg

Brennan Zwieg
Assistant Horticulturist
(847) 835-6857

Brennan Zwieg is the assistant horticulturist for the Entrance Gardens and Barbara Carr Administrative Center. He is responsible for designing and maintaining the annual displays at the Lake Cook Road Entrance and the Gatehouse. He is also part of a team that assembles and maintains the Orchid Show and Wonderland Express.

Zwieg began working at the garden in 2016 as an intern in the plant production greenhouses and nursery. At the conclusion of the internship, he was promoted to a full-time position, as assistant horticulturist for the Entrance Gardens. Zwieg holds a bachelor’s degree in art and design from the University of Illinois at Chicago and previously worked at Old Town Gardens in Chicago. He is fascinated about learning new plants and has a keen interest in the genus Prunus.