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Guided Programs PreK – K

Guided Field Trip Programs PreK

$120 per class
Monday through Friday, seasonally
10 – 11 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
10 – 11:30 a.m. for 90 minute programs
A 1:5 ratio of chaperones to students is required.
Maximum number of students: 25 for preK and 30 for K

Discovering Plants
Fall, Early Spring, Spring
Junior botanists investigate plant parts and try to figure out how plants get what they need to survive. They observe patterns in the plant world and use different experiences—like acting out a plant’s life cycle—to represent the relationship between form and function in plants.

NGSS: LS1.A ELS: 11.A, 12.A, 12.B

Science With Your Senses
Fall, Spring
Young scientists embark on a sensory exploration. Students collect scientific observations while investigating and comparing the different plants and animals they see in the Garden.

NGSS: LS1, ESS3.A ELS: 11.A, 13.A

New Insect Investigation
Find out what plants and animals need to survive by observing patterns in how things live and grow at the Garden. Students act as scientists, observing and classifying insects and other living things (plants, mammals, birds) in groups.

Nature's Needs
Early Winter, Winter, Early Spring
Explore how plants live in different places and investigate how animals and humans change their environments to meet their needs. Students compare plants from different ecosystems and practice different ways, or models, to tell the story of what they find at the Garden.
NGSS: LS1 ELS: 11.A, 12.A, 12.B 

Trees and Trains (90 minutes)
Early Winter
Learn to identify evergreen trees just like a scientist, by examining patterns of their needles and organizing them into categories. Gather observations and evidence of how these trees have unique adaptations that help them survive in different seasons. Visit the enchanting Wonderland Express exhibition after the program.

NGSS: LS1, ESS3.A ELS: 11.A, 12.A, 13.B