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Enabling Garden

• Raised beds

• Vertical wall gardens

• Shallow pans

• Raised water features

• Hanging baskets




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Tim Pollak shows you how to plant hanging baskets.

Buehler Enabling Garden

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Circle Garden

The Buehler Enabling Garden is a hands-on teaching garden that encourages gardening for people of all ages and abilities.

Colorful raised beds, dramatic container gardens, adaptive tool displays, and model exhibits illustrate gardening techniques that can be used to make gardening accessible to everyone. Many of these same ideas can be adapted in home gardens to create enabling gardens for a lifetime of easy, enjoyable gardening.

Water is used throughout the garden, in shooting fountains, cascading sheets, and cooling pools. Vertical gardens, sensory plants, and smooth brick pathways are all elements in accessible gardens. Click here to see other unique features of this garden.

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