The Hidden Beauty of Moths

April 19 – August 17, 2014
*Temporarily closed June 12 – 24; reopens June 25

Joutras Gallery, Regenstein Center
Admission is free; parking fees apply.

Moths are often perceived as drab—not as pretty as their popular, showier butterfly cousins in the order Lepidoptera. In The Hidden Beauty of Moths, a new Chicago Botanic Garden exhibition, internationally acclaimed artist Joseph Scheer puts that myth to rest. Scheer has created a body of work over the past decade collectively called Imaging Biodiversity, which he says is about seeing things that live on our planet in a particular, intense way. To create The Hidden Beauty of Moths, Scheer used high-resolution digital scanners and handmade mulberry bark paper—which is translucent, thin, and eerily resembles a moth's wing—to brilliantly capture the stunning color palettes and detailed patterns of moths. All of the prints in this exhibition are new, featuring moths and caterpillars from Sonora, Mexico.
Come see the larger-than-life images in this new exhibition, and revise your thinking about moths!