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Educational Publications

Available through the Chicago Botanic Garden are a number of publications with information to help you start a school garden program, get information on the best plants and annuals to plant in your garden, or even create your own enabling garden with the Garden's own horticultural therapy publication, Garden for Life. Proceeds from the sales of these items help to support the Chicago Botanic Garden.

PHOTO: Best Practices Manual cover

Summer Science: Reaching Urban Youth Through Environmental Science

This manual is the product of the Chicago Botanic Garden's experience in developing, delivering and evaluating intensive summer science programs for underserved urban youth in the metro-Chicago area. This best practices manual can help support the efforts of other museums, nature centers and youth education organizations to deliver youth programs that excite students about science and learning.

$15 each

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PHOTO: SGI cover

The Chicago School Garden Initiative:
A Collaborative Model for Developing School Gardens That Work

Want to learn the ins and outs of starting a school garden program? The Chicago Botanic Garden's 73-page how-to guide covers everything from building support to designing a garden. Find more information and resources online at our site, School Garden Wizard as well.

$15 each

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PHOTO: NSG cover

Proceedings of the 1st National School Gardening Symposium

Held on July 11-13, 2002 at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, Illinois, and Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. Co-sponsored by the Chicago Botanic Garden and the United States Botanic Garden. Find more information and resources online at our site, School Garden Wizard as well.

$10 each

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PHOTO: Green Connections cover

Green Connections: A Research Assessment of Community Gardening in Chicago

A joint project of the Chicago Botanic Garden and the City of Chicago, featuring the results of an in-depth research study that gathered information from Community Gardening leaders and volunteers.

$10 each

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PHOTO: Garden for Life cover

Garden for Life publications

Learn easy-does-it techniques for your own enabling garden. Pick up tips on creating raised beds, container gardens, sensory plantings, vertical gardens and more.

$3 each

These items are currently available through the Horticultural Therapy program. Click here to order Garden for Life, or other Hort Therapy information.

PHOTO: Plant Facts cover

Plant Facts publications

What are the best annuals and bulbs for the Midwest? What are the secrets of growing tomatoes and other vegetables? Find out with handy Plant Facts guides from the Garden.

$2 each

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