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Horticultural Therapy Program Requirements


Students must be able to:

  • Lift and carry 25 pounds
  • Spend prolonged periods of time walking, standing, sitting, bending as well as pushing and pulling.
  • Communicate (in both written and verbal formats) essential information about clients and session plans. This includes the ability to hear client speech, read written directions with comprehension, effectively verbalize instructions and other information, as well as effectively use technology.

Students are responsible for understanding and practicing Universal Precautions against body-fluid-borne pathogens.


  • Demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to interact and communicate effectively with clients, classmates, staff and others.
  • Demonstrate organizational and time management skills. Be punctual.
  • Take initiative and work independently yet recognize limitations. Regularly accept guidance and supervision from staff.


  • Cope in an appropriate manner to commonly encountered stressful situations including those related to disabling conditions.
  • Respect professional and personal boundaries.
  • Demonstrate respect for diverse cultures.

Student Duties And Responsibilities For Online And Face To Face Sessions

  • Complete assignments required within timelines provided.
  • Communicate questions and concerns directly, respectfully and in a timely manner.   
  • Adhere to the course schedule and report to the Garden for class and field visits promptly.Work with Enabling Garden volunteers caring for horticultural displays and participate as docent in interpretive programs.
  • Become familiar with supplies, plants, materials, and equipment used in therapeutic activities both on-site and off-site.

Technology Requirements

The certificate program is a hybrid program of online and onsite course work.  All three courses in the Horticultural Therapy Certificate program include a significant computer/internet component.  Please review the following technology, skills and resources to be successful in the online portion of the courses:

  • Internet connection—high speed (not dial-up)
  • Ability to stream video from YouTube
  • Ability to upload and email photographs from a computer or smartphone
  • Ability to attach and send a Word document to an email
  • Word Processor, Microsoft Word or similar
  • Recommended minimum browser: Google Chrome 11, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Internet Explorer 8 or 10