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Botanical Art Certificate Program

Engage your senses, discover hidden talents, and explore a more personal relationship with plants and the environment in this studio art program. Courses in drawing, painting, and color theory will help you develop your technical skills and further your understanding of art and the creative process.

Who should participate? People wanting to nurture their creativity, improve their artistic skill, and experience plants, nature, and our shared environment in new ways. No prior art experience is needed.

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Autumn Portfolio Review: Friday, November 9 – Friday, November 16, 2018

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Program Requirements

The certificate program consists of seven core courses, designated required courses within each track below; your choice of 60 instructional hours of elective courses; and a portfolio review. You may select any combination of elective courses, tailoring the program to your personal learning objectives and interests. ART electives are designated as such in the course description. The Botanical Arts program has two tracks of concentration, the Traditional Botanical Arts Certificate and the Expressive Botanical Arts Certificate.

The Traditional track provides training for a student wishing to improve their work in a technically detailed manner. This program of study incorporates traditional methods and materials that will enhance the skills of an artist accurately portraying artistic and scientific images.

The Expressive track allows a student to explore art outside of the traditional media and techniques. After satisfying core courses, students in the Expressive track will complete their coursework by a combination of their choosing in oil, pastel or expressive watercolor to expand their artistic palette.

To earn a certificate, a grade of "S" sufficient and at least one portfolio-quality finished piece is required to pass each course. If you are not interested in the certificate, you do not need to concern yourself with grades.

All requirements for the certificate must be completed within five years of the start date of your first course in the program. The final juried comprehensive portfolio review required for the certificate will include one piece from each course. There is no separate enrollment for the program.