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2013 Spooky Pooch Parade Winners

Congratulations Spooky Pooch winners! Find a gallery of photos on the Garden's Facebook page or on our SmugMug gallery.

PHOTO: Best Senior Spooky Pooch

Best Senior: #878—Sheepdog

From Winnetka: Carrie Ruzicka and Milton the "sheep" dog (10-year-old lab/hound mix)

PHOTO: Best Puppy Spooky Pooch

Best Puppy: #193—Sunflower

From Chicago: Madeline Soulsby and Barney the sunflower (1-year-old maltese/poodle mix)

PHOTO: Best Dog/Owner Lookalike

Best Dog/Owner Lookalike: #1120—Hepmaster 5000

From Chicago: matching purple rock stars Mike Cernoch and Harold (9-year-old Gordon setter mix)

PHOTO: Best Horticultural Interpretation

Best Horticultural Interpretation: #348—Greenhouse

From Des Plaines: ladybugs Olivia and Andy Hsu-Cheng with Addie the baby ladybug, Joshie the baby bee, and Brownie the butterfly (8-year-old poodle) in the greenhouse wagon

PHOTO: Best Overall

Best Overall: #859/#860—Crawfish Boil

From Chicago: Chris Coffman as the cook, Kim Coffman as corn, Cadynce Coffman as a baby lobster, Jon Pederson as the lobster chef, Kim Pederson as a lemon, with Sake as Old Bay seasoning (3-year-old Siberian Husky), and Thor as a spud (2-year-old hound mix)