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science enrichment program

Science First is a great learning opportunity, a chance to see the Garden's 385 acres of plants and nature, and a great way to meet other science-curious students. Each summer, approximately 40 students from Chicago Public Schools travel to the Garden by school bus from designated stops to spend four weeks being immersed in a free, nature-based science enrichment program that engages students in a unique hands-on experience.

Please note: Due to restrictions on funding that supports these programs, enrollment is limited to students from Chicago Public Schools. For more information about these programs, please call Amaris Alanis Ribeiro at (847)

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What past students have to say

"I loved being outside learning and looking at new things in the garden and learning a lot of science."

“I love this program because it gives me the chance to learn and have fun. I go every year to create more memories, and return to my own little family.”

“This is my personal thank you. Over the last few years I’ve lost friends due to crime and violence, friends that I would be hanging out with if I wasn’t at your camp. I can truly say I’ve met new friends and got a headstart at school. Your camp has made learning fun for me. Without it, I don’t know where I’d be. You’ve touched me and my education greatly, and I hope you can do it for others for many years to come.”