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Choose your best photo for the Garden Photo Contest

From Robin Carlson, staff photographer


It is certainly not an easy task to pick your best photo of the Chicago Botanic Garden! The subject matter is so wonderful that I imagine many of you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of picking just one!

The following are suggestions to help you evaluate your own work:

  1. Put your photos up on your wall and look at them often. If you start with your favorite five or so, within a couple of weeks you will have narrowed down your decision.
  2. Ask your friends and family which of your photos they like best. They will help you separate from the experience you had while taking the photo. You might consider posting photos to flickr to get some feedback from other photographers or bringing your favorite photos to the next Garden Photo Walk (the first Saturday of every month) where other photographers are always happy to offer advice and help you with your decision.
  3. Check your focus. Always zoom into your photo and look carefully to double check the focus.
  4. Examine your edges. The edges of a photograph are always important! Every photo has them! Sometimes edges can feel awkward or abruptly accidental. An awkward edge will distract from even the most eye-catching subject matter. Make sure your edges are not distracting from your photo.
  5. Go with your gut! Don't second-guess yourself. Your first instinct is probably right on. Have other images you want to share? You can always post all of your favorite photos of the Chicago Botanic Garden on our fan page on Facebook.