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June President's Circle Letter

Dear President’s Circle Member,

June at the Chicago Botanic Garden: I step outside for a lunchtime walk and pass children exploring the grounds with their families, the sweet sound of smartphone-free chatter lingering in their wake. Adults—singly, in pairs, and in groups—wander, enraptured, among the gardens and natural areas, pausing here and there to inspect a bloom up close. Amid a steady hum of conversation in multiple languages, I hear the click of a camera capturing a Garden moment.

Later, I leave my office as the sun begins its descent, just as visitors begin arriving for one of our first Summer Evenings programs. Maybe I’ll stay a little longer: I love the Garden’s outdoor concerts, from those featuring the Theodore C. Butz Memorial Carillon to Music on the Esplanade to Hot Summer Nights. There is just something about summer at the Chicago Botanic Garden!

For President’s Circle members, summer includes not only everything the Garden offers to its public, but special programs within and outside our 385-acre campus. I look forward to seeing you soon at one of the upcoming President’s Circle events described in this newsletter.

We all have our Garden “favorites.” I would love it if you would take a few minutes to describe yours for me. Maybe it’s a class you took, or an event you attended. Perhaps it’s a Garden image that resonates. What moves us can be unexpectedly small, like a blanket of moss upon a stone, or the purple-pink checkering of a fritillary glimpsed in the woods. Or maybe what lingers in our mind’s eye is panoramic, like the view of Evening Island across the Great Basin. Maybe it’s a special conversation had at the Garden, or a visit here with a loved one. Your experience of the Garden can help me understand what is important to our greatest friends.

With gratitude for all that you do for the Garden,

Sophia Shaw
President & CEO