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Illinois Mycological Association Mushroom Show & Sale

See an exhibition of 50 to 100 varieties of mushrooms foraged from area forests.

IL Mycological Association Mushroom Show

Sunday, September 2, 2018
10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Illinois Mycological Association celebrates the richness of fall mushrooms in Illinois with an exhibition of 50 to 100 varieties of mushroom foraged from area forests. Members provide information and answer questions about mushrooms and fungi. Explore the children's education area and shop for mushrooms, books, and T-shirts at the show. Mycology is the study of fungi that explores how humans use them as a source for medicine and food; what dangers they may pose, such as poisoning or infection; and their benefits to natural ecosystems.

11 a.m. Medicinal Mushrooms: An Overview of Historical and Modern Knowledge.
Lorinda Sorenson, Associate Professor National University of Health Sciences

1 p.m. How to Know Edible and Notable Wild Mushrooms (and Their Lookalikes)
Britt A. Bunyard, PhD, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, F U N G I Magazine Alsdorf Auditorium Presented by the Illinois Mycological Association