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The Wildlife Sanctuary Garden

The Wildlife Sanctuary Garden
Carol Buchanan
Berkeley, Calif.: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: 

paper, 209 p., $11.95

Want to turn your garden into a wildlife sanctuary? This book has everything you need to know to do just that. The author, who lives in the Pacific Northwest, writes from her own experience, but much of the information is applicable anywhere. This is a real "how-to" book, with sections on how to design a sanctuary garden, how to maintain it, how to attract and feed wildlife (including mammals, birds, butterflies and amphibians), how to create a backyard wetland and even how to design a bog garden. As with any "how-to" book, there are black-and-white diagrams and photographs to supplement the text, along with a few color plates. The book includes extensive lists of plants for every type of sanctuary garden for nearly every area of the country. There is also a chapter on how to control pests without the use of chemicals. This is a garden book without pretty pictures, meant for the gardener who is serious about conservation and willing to give up the lawn and the perennial bed for the satisfaction of providing a safe haven for native animals and plants. To do so, the authors freely admits, means appreciating a garden with a "slightly scruffy look."