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Wildflowers of the Eastern United States

Wildflowers of the Eastern United States
Wilbur H. Duncan and Marion B. Duncan
Athens: University of Georgia Press
Publication Date: 

cloth, 380 p., $29.95

Like many identification guides, this book has economized by placing all the color photos in a central area. As a result, written descriptions and photos are not together, thus requiring lots of flipping back and forth during identification. The written plant descriptions are grouped by family, which is of value only for more experienced botanists and taxonomists, and photos are arranged by color. The photos are generally good, although a number of the flower close-ups would make plant identification challenging if a subject is not in flower. Since there are only brief text descriptions of the overall plant character but no taxonomic keys, using the book for actual identification is actually rather difficult. The book itself is fairly pricey and too heavy as a hardcover to take into the field, but given its organization, it wouldn't seem particularly useful as a field guide anyway.

— Rory Klick