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Whose Garden Is It

Whose Garden Is It
Mary Ann Hoberman
Gulliver Books
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cloth, 40 p., $16

In the charming book Whose Garden Is It? Mrs. McGee, out for a walk, comes upon a beautiful garden and is moved to ask who it belongs to. The answers that follow provide the perspectives of many creatures that depend on the garden and help it to grow, including the gardener who plants the flowers, the rabbit who eats its vegetables, the worm who improves the soil, the bumblebee and butterfly that pollinate the flowers, and even the flowers themselves. Then the soil, sunlight, and rain chime in, asserting their importance in making the garden grow. At the book’s end, Mrs. McGee — and the reader — are left wondering exactly whose garden it is.

Children will be delighted with the playful rhyme and colorful pictures, and the book also cleverly encourages kids to consider the importance of other creatures in cultivating a garden. By presenting the claims to the garden of rabbits, woodchucks, birds, worms, insects, and even soil, sun, and water, Whose Garden Is It? can help children experience perspectives different from their own and realize that we share the earth with many other living things, and in turn depend upon the land and its creatures to sustain our lives.

— Megan M. Gregory, Center for Teaching and Learning intern, Chicago Botanic Garden